Workshops for Groups

All the workshops below are suitable for bringing out to groups. They all can be adapted to suit groups needs and different environments. Some workshops will have an extra materials price per person.


Dyeing The Natural Way

Spend a day learning how to dye fabric and yarns with natural plants. Discover the fascinating results that can be achieved through natures store cupboard. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those more experienced in dyeing fabrics. This workshop uses plants from around the world. (I bring electric hobs and pans so a kitchen is not required for this workshop. I can also provide a marquee if needed.)

Dyeing From The Kitchen Cupboard

Simply take a handful of teabags, a sprinkling of spices, dark juicy berries and add spinach, onion skins and an assortment of citrus peel. Gently simmer with fibres to create your own unique colours. In this workshop you will learn how to use everyday items found from within your kitchen cupboard to create safe, eco friendly colours. You will learn several different approaches to dyeing and learn about when and how to mordant.

Wonderful Woad

In this fantastic new workshop you will learn all about the heritage woad plant and learn how to use woad powder to make up your very own vat. The woad plant has been used for dyeing since Neolithic times and gives a range of shades of blue. Come and experience the magic when fibres come out of the vat yellow and slowly once exposed to oxygen they turn blue. You will be able to dye a wide range of threads and fibres. (This workshop is best done outside and I can bring a marquee with me.)

It Takes Two

In this procion dyeing workshop the hardest part is to choose just two procion dye colours to colour your cloth with. You will stitch up a range of pale fabrics including white on white patterns and linens using a range of quick piecing techniques using a sewing machine. Once complete we will pleat, tweak, stitch and scrunch it up before applying the two dye colours. The final results will be individual, unique and always stunning.

Indigo Blues

In this workshop you will be taught how to make up a synthetic indigo bucket vat and a smaller jar vat. Indigo dyes fabrics a medium to dark shade of blue and you will be able to dye your own fabrics and threads. If you have never experienced the magic of indigo before then book this for your group.

Starting Shibori

This workshop will teach you about how you can add pattern and texture to your fabrics through the use of stitch resist and clamping. Many traditional techniques will be taught. You will use navy procion to dye your fabrics traditional navy blue.

Dye The Right Way

This is a workshop designed to teach you how to use procion dyes to colour cotton fabrics. You will learn about making up dye solutions and why they are important for the final results. Throughout the day you will learn eight different ways of applying the dye and end up with some stunning fabrics.

Dyeing To Recycle

This workshop is ideal for using up stash fabrics or cotton fabrics from clothes. You will learn a quick machine piecing technique to join your fabrics into blocks. After the blocks have been sewn together you will learn how to over dye them using synthetic procion dyes.

Confidence With Curves

Throw away your rulers and enjoy a day learning how to cut free curves from fabric with a rotary cutter. You will learn how to stitch them together accurately by sewing machine and then stitch them into quilting blocks. You will be able to use your blocks to make a bag, table runner or as part of a quilt.

Stitching For Texture

Spend a day extending your stitching and quilting repertoire by exploring both traditional and contemporary quilting stitches to create texture and line in your work. learn how to mix hand and machine stitching for unique effect. You will go home with all your samples made into a stitched book. This workshop includes hand and machine stitching.

Slow, Slow, Stitch, Stitch Slow

In this workshop you will use the soft colours of naturally dyed fabrics and threads. This day is all about learning how therapeutic and relaxing hand stitching can be whilst creating your very own masterpiece. You will learn about traditional quilting stitches, kantha quilting, Japanese Boro and patchwork techniques. The combination of cottons, silks and linens with varying thickness of threads will give endless design possibilities. You will be able to continue stitching into your work after the workshop.

Mini workshops ~ 1-2 hours

Corsages – use vintage and recycled fabrics to create beautiful and unique corsages to wear

Folded Origami Books ~ learn how to create your own book with a stitched cover using folded paper, fabric and thread

Stitched Book Covers ~ Use transfer dyes and polyester cotton to create an artistic landscape for an A5 sketchbook.

Thread Painting ~ Transform your white threads into multicoloured treasures using fabric paints.

Button Jewellery ~ Use treasures from your button box to create one of a kind bracelets, necklaces and brooches.

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