09 – Wool Appliqué Vase of Flowers – 30th June 2018


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Wool “pennies” originated in the 1800s and were made from precious scraps of woollen fabrics. People would cut around an old penny to get an accurate circle shape, hence the name of this amazing technique.

In this hand sewing workshop you will stitch onto wool pennies made from hand dyed wool blankets. You will learn several different embroidery stitches that will be used to attach the smaller wool pennies onto the larger ones. Using wool thread means that you will be stitching in a very traditional way. Combining different thread and stitches gives endless possibilities for your work.

Once completed you will combine your wool pennies with some flower shapes and a vase shape, also cut from wool. Using traditional stitches, these will be appliqued onto a background. Further stitching will be added for texture and visual interest. All resources are included in the price of this workshop.

This workshop is from 10:00am to 4:00pm.